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Do you want to bring things from INDIA ? Do you want to send things to INDIA ?

VAYUMITRA.....your one stop solution!!!

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Who we are

A huge mass of the NRI population are left with no option than to curtail/let go/even forget about majority of their home bound goods/documents/spices etc at times of real necessity. Hence Vayumitra came into existence being any traveller from or to India who helps to carry items/things needed for NRIs. Essentials like medicines, baby foods, children’s books, ethnic dress or documents in NRIs daily life are either not available or difficult to find / expensive in the country they live. Hence, Vayumitra is a one stop solution to overcome such situations.

How it works?

An Indian traveller travelling on business or tourism may have unused/empty baggage space/weight. The traveller can utilize those unused space to carry such necessities of NRIs to & from their arrival & departure destinations respectively or vice versa. To balance on this favour, the traveller has an option to charge a nominal fee to offset the travelling or other trip expenses.Please note Vayumitra does not charge any fee from either the traveller or customer.

Why traveller can charge a nominal fee?

  • Most NRIs find it awkward & shy to seek favour but are left with no other option at situations of desperate necessity.
  • Hunting to find people travelling to & from India and also willing to help whole heartedly is a tedious struggle.
  • If lucky enough to find someone helpful, yet sometimes experiences turnout to be good or bad.
  • Looking at the negative side, there are situations where the travellers sacrifice their own baggage space/weight to help carry things for others and feel disappointed in case they find out their help was misused in any way and it wasn’t worth their sacrifice.
  • This would certainly discourage genuinely helpful travellers also to hold back from doing so .To avoid any such misuse of help or awkwardness to seek help; charging a nominal fee could be a good solution.
  • This could also motivate travellers to be a part of Vayumitra.



  • NRIs to visit to find upcoming schedules "From / To" India.
  • Submit the order form with the required items and specific instructions for the traveller.
  • The traveller will review your order shall provide you a quote through email.
  • NRIs to confirm or reject the quote to traveller through email.


  • Traveller shall purchase from shop / collect things from given contact
    for the accepted orders.
  • Traveller to confirm the items/things purchased/collected to NRI's through email
    or phone or whatsapp before travel.


  • Traveller to travel on scheduled date and reach destination as planned.


  • Traveller to contact NRIs to co-ordinate for collection/payment through email
    or phone or whatsapp once they reach destination.